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Hi! My name is Mandie Wood Harris and I am a Certified Professional Photographer based in Eden, UT. Just a few things to help you get to know me. I happen to be a Libra and my birthday is on October 13th, which of course makes 13 my very favorite number. When my birthday happens to be on a Friday I do a happy dance and enjoy the day even more! I come from a talented family. My mother is an amazing artist, and from a very young age I would try to draw and paint like she did. COULD NOT DO IT! Could not for the life of me get my fingers to recreate the pictures that I saw in my head . . . and then came photography. I first officially got a camera in my hands at age 13 when I made it into my junior high yearbook staff. The rest, as they say, was history!

I love reading, music, movies, dance, and the performing arts. Theater is a passion of mine. I also love to travel. I've been lucky enough to visit France, Italy, Austria, Germany, and the Czech Republic. I am passionate about film. I feel that film, like photography and theatre, has the ability to bring the stories that can change the world to those who would otherwise never see them.

In 2013 I went back to school and I graduated in April 2017 with a dual major in Musical Theatre and Theatre Education, with a minor in English Education.  Next year I will be teaching Theatre and English at the Junior High I attended growing up.  I am SO excited!

I recently heard a lovely quote.  "If you wake up in the morning and you have something to do, someone to love, and something to wish for, you know life's gonna be okay."
Joy of Life!